IT Portfolio


11 Bullets is a next-generation shooting simulator. It goes far beyond computer shooters, VR entertainment, or shooting at the shooting range. It is definitely for those who want something more. It is a reality-based simulator fulfilling the ambitious training requirements of special units. The project design was inspired by popular online FPS games. Red and black give a strong character, and geometric fonts refer to military typography.


EPS specializes in the automotive industry and markets luxurious brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, Aston Martin, McLaren or Maserati. The company developed a manufacturing technology allowing the customization of carbon elements for supercars.


Design and implementation of an CRM System We created a simple, fast and reliable. CRM where you will collect all information: from order history, through recent meetings, to e-mails sent so far. A system in which you can collect absolutely all information about your customers. No fancy features or extras that you'll never use. Many functions, easy operation, comprehensive analvtics, full security and openness to integration.

MS Wear

We created solution that provides comprehensive warehouse and sales services MS Wear is a system designed for an outlet retail company. It covers a full range of warehouse, repair and sales services. It allows you to work in several locations at the same time and service millions of pieces a year.


It is a search engine for accommodation, designed to meet customers' needs in the best possible way. The site for tourists allows them to browse different kinds of objects from all over the country, filter them by preferences, kinds of beds, guests, and dozens of other options. Then, they can make a reservation and after the stay, rate it, leave a comment and receive discount points. Noclegi 24 is a complex system for booking and searching accomodation.


We created e-commerce module, thanks to which devices can be easily ordered online A dedicated website allowed to change the function of the website: now it is a full-fledged presentation of the company's offer and allows for online ordering of products. The introduced changes allowed to extend the time of the user's stay on the website to over 4 minutes on average. We also managed to reduce the bounce rate and increase the number of business contacts obtained from the website by 43%.


We created an complex church-administration system The result of our work is a pioneering construction of the ecclesiastical e-administration environment and the creation of the basis of an ICT base for the e-services system. We have created a safe and effective communication tool, building a centralized IT system for remote management, collection, processing, archiving and distribution of information. The created system helps in the full digitization of the Lublin Curia. It consists of several dozen modules responsible for data exchange and process automation. Importantly, it works both ways: priests can fully manage the church administration, and parishioners can obtain documents and deal with church matters without leaving their home.


Design and implementation of IT System for General Education Exams A system that allows District Examination Commissions and most schools in Poland to organize the eighth-grade, matura and vocational exams in a simple and intuitive way.

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