"Lublin aims at
professionals" -
cooperation platform

The purpose of the portal is to present the educational offer in Lublin and to facilitate contact between students, employers and schools.

User Collaboration

The portal enables cooperation between the following roles: student, teacher, employer, career advisor, facility director.


Students have the opportunity to generate a CV from the system that will help them find their dream internship, internship or job and apply for it. Thanks to the search engine, reaching the future employer is easier than ever.

Other roles in the system

Facility director

is responsible for managing the school’s activities and making the flow of information between the school and the employer easier. By creating initiatives, they inform about the most important events from the school’s life.


supervises the progress of student’s work. By creating initiatives, they inform students and parents about important events at school and are in constant contact with them.


may create job advertisements for recruiting students and graduates with the required professional qualifications. By cooperating with schools, it may be easier to find new employees or willing for internships or apprenticeships.

Career advisor

has the ability to create professional groups, recommend content from the portal and assign tasks to be performed by group members. Their role is to prepare and develop young people in the professional field, as well as to coordinate information and advisory activities carried out by the school.

The professional
knowledge base

All portal users have access to articles describing the various forms of vocational education as well as descriptions of schools with their educational offer. Additionally, the portal provides practical information on the current situation in the labour market.

Interface design

When designing, we focused on maintaining consistency with the currently existing visual identification system for the Lublin brand.



The portal meets the requirements of WCAG 2.1 AA. We took care of its legibility by using appropriate contrasts, hierarchy, colours and typography. The portal is fully responsive.